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Losberger De Boer wins 2019 International Achievement Award

Losberger De Boer has been awarded with the 2019 International Achievement Award (IAA) for design excellence in specialty fabrics applications by the Industrial Fabrics Association International. The German-Dutch company received an Award of Excellence for its 190 meter-long pit lane building at the 2018 Formula E event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Formula E (electric street racing) was the first international motorsports event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. International event management agency CBX, asked Losberger De Boer for the turnkey delivery of a temporary, solid and high-quality structure that could be integrated seamlessly into a complex with pit lane facilities at race track level and VIP hospitality facilities. In addition to this, a visitor viewing platform was requested for the floor above.

A project of many challenges

The race track was located in the center of Riyadh, which provided Losberger de Boer with the challenge of keeping disruption to local residents and businesses to a minimum. The fact that the pit lane structure had to be built next to a busy public road (which was closed for race day but otherwise remained open), made matters even more complex. Utilizing decades of experience in advance planning, the Losberger De Boer team was able to maneuver the necessary lifting equipment into place in a safe and compliant way, while ensuring the original project timetable was maintained.

Losberger De Boer flew in experienced event structure builders from the UAE and Europe to ensure the project was delivered within deadline and according to international ISO-certified safety standards. After 23 days the pitlane, hospitality structure and spectator viewing platform was handed over to the client.

Client reaction

“The time frame to complete the project was very short and challenging”, says Carlo Boutagy, CEO of CBX. “The Losberger De Boer-team worked exceptionally well to complete the structure on time and has proven to be a reliable partner. We are looking forward to working again with the company on future projects.”

IAA judging process

The IFAI judged a total of 255 entries from 14 countries in 42 categories. Winners were selected based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function. Judges included industry experts, editors, architects, educators and design professionals.