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The certainties of working with Losberger De Boer

Choosing to work with Losberger De Boer comes with several certainties, such as the certainty of carefully developed, proven-quality products that meet all relevant safety requirements. You are also guaranteed to deal with a partner that is experienced, highly professional, can act fast, offers high-quality maintenance and can provide you with well-documented instructions and installation plans.

Notre outil de production certifié

Notre site de Brumath (Alsace) regroupe les compétences de fabrication et de confection de nos structures.

Tous nos composants et procédés constructifs ont été développés avec le plus grand soin et la plus grande précision en utilisant nos systèmes de gestion de la qualité éprouvés et les techniques les plus performantes.

Par conséquent nous garantissons une exploitation pérenne et durable de nos structures.

Nos processus de conception, de production et d’assemblage sont officiellement certifiés ISO 9001.

Maximize your operability and minimize your costs

Right from the start, we always recommend our customers to consider regular maintenance to maximize the operability of our products, and to reduce long-term costs. Our maintenance team knows our products by heart and can play a crucial role in keeping your products ready for use and in optimal condition.

In some instances, we can commit a full-time operative to your operation. This trained and experienced maintenance professional will stay at your premises to carry-out routine maintenance tasks on a daily basis, for several years.

Well-documented instructions and implementation procedures

We understand the long-term value of a good documentation package, especially when it comes to deploying and using a complex integrated solution with lots of different components. In true Losberger De Boer fashion, we always provide you with thorough instruction procedures and project implementation plans.

In addition to offering training, we make an effort to pass on our expertise to the end-users with well-documented material. We can provide you with hard and soft copies of all our instruction and maintenance procedures, as well as assembly videos.

An experienced partner for the armed forces

We have been a partner of armed forces for over 70 years now and have used our experience to develop and improve a large number of products for the protection of people, aircraft and sensitive equipment. We pay close attention to design and production, and also place a particular emphasis on bilateral consultation, long-term partnership and excellent service.

Via our consultants and large global network of partners we maintain close contact with decision-makers as well as end-users on location. In doing so, we are attentive to emerging market needs, we keep track of new technological and strategical developments in the military and aviation sectors, and constantly adapt our products to always meet the expectations of our customers.

Our guarantee: products of the highest quality

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible rapid deployment systems and customer experience. We never stop striving to distinguish ourselves in the fields of quality, customization, advice and guidance.

All Losberger De Boer structures and systems meet the highest quality standards. They are designed and developed with care and attention to safety and functionality by our engineers.
The production processes of our products adhere to strict regulations, and our products represent the highest standard of quality and reliability worldwide.
A Losberger De Boer rapid deployment solution is always the product of dedication, craftsmanship and our commitment to offering the best possible space solutions to our customers.

We are committed to providing the best quality in the fields of:

  • the use of materials
  • product development, design and engineering
  • manufacturing
  • advice and guidance
  • logistics and delivery
  • project completion and handover
  • project management
  • the selection of trusted service partners

To ensure we remain an industry leader, we require our employees and service partners to meet the latest quality and safety requirements in their areas of expertise and are fully certified. We are proud that many of our employees have been with us for a long time, just as we are proud of our longstanding partnerships and customer relationships.


In our role as an industry leader and innovator, we remain committed to sustainability across the production process and supply chain.

To meet our sustainability goals, we have set clear environmental targets that relate to all our processes. 

We make a demonstrable effort to minimize our CO2 emissions and the consumption of raw materials and energy. After the installation and dismantling of our systems, we endeavour to leave no waste behind, and the little waste we produce is disposed of in an environmentally conscious way.

We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

To find out more about the many measures we take to minimize our ecological footprint, get in touch. Contact us to learn more about making your next project as sustainable as possible with Losberger De Boer.