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La fonctionnalité rencontre l'esthétique


Le Révolution est un bâtiment industriel permanent qui combine une grande quantité d'espace utilisable avec un design contemporain et futuriste. Hautement personnalisable, ce bâtiment commercial moderne peut être conçu selon vos spécifications exactes.

Nos produits vous intéressent ?

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d'informations sur l'un de nos systèmes de tente.

Nos produits vous intéressent ?

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d'informations sur l'un de nos systèmes de tente.

Perfect for:

  • Exhibitions
  • VIP areas
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows


This cubic event structure thanks it’s eye-catching aesthetics to a highly noticeable roof with a double reverse curvature and the fact that it’s walls can be made from steel, aluminium or wood. Whether you need a venue for a trade show, a large exhibition space, classy VIP areas or a complete congress centre, the Revolution will deliver all the event functional space you need in an attractive package.

A bespoke event solution

The Revolution is a highly customizable and modular building that allows you to create an impressive amount of (free span) space. This high-quality metal-meets-textile construction offers us the flexibility to design a bespoke venue for you of up to 12 meters in constant height, while the length and width can be made to your exact specs using 5x5m modules. The combination of flexibility, free space and contemporary design makes the Revolution an ideal solution for large scale events.

Tons of options

This event structure offers you tons of options in terms of size, design, insulation, roof materials and lay-out, all of which we will gladly discuss with you to help create the best possible venue for your event.

In short…

Choose the Revolution, if you want a high-quality temporary event venue that is large enough for your most ambitious plans and comes in an aesthetically pleasing package.

Specifications & options

Below, you will find the most frequently asked specs. You can also download the full product sheet.

Tech specs


10 – 60m
Modular per 25m2
Up to 12m
Roof shape
Three-dimensional at constant height
Please note
That there may be small differences in dimensions or options when you buy a tent system as opposed to renting a space solution. If you are interested in buying a tent system, our product specialists will lay out all possible dimensions, options and configurations for you.



Different openings (pedestrian doors, sectional doors, aircraft doors, sliding windows, glass façades, etc.)
Floor sealing solutions
Rainwater treatment
Loading docks
Smoke extraction skylights
Rainwater treatment
Ventilation and condensation treatment solution
Electricity, lighting
Heating, air conditioning



NV65 / Eurocode
All PVC coated polyester membranes offer M2 fire resistance
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  • Une qualité éprouvée
  • Produits utilisés lors d'événements de classe mondiale
  • Processus de production certifié
  • Des conseils de spécialistes expérimentés
  • Des solutions flexibles et durables en matière d'espace

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Nous sommes fiers d'avoir pu aider ces entreprises grâce à nos solutions d'espace.

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Tim Smedts
Tim Smedts

Managing Director