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Safe, discreet and secure shelters

Bachmann Modular Shelters (P-Range)

Our P-Range half barrel shelters provide a safe, discreet and secure protective environment for the equipment stored within. They are designed to serve as storage and maintenance space for military aircraft, spare parts, vehicles, ammunition and other military goods.

Interested in our products?

These products are always available for rapid deployment.

Interested in our products?

These products are always available for rapid deployment.

Enter and exit in 30 seconds

Our revolutionary fast-opening electrical apse system allows a quick access and exit. Aircraft, helicopters or big vehicles can enter or exit the shelter in approximately 30 seconds. Fixed on the gable arch, this system has a semi-circular shape to avoid water & snow collection/stagnation, and was designed to maximise the usable space inside.

Humidity control to prevent ageing

Our P-Range shelters can be equipped with a unique and highly efficient humidity control system, that maintains the relative overall humidity level below 45% within the enclosure. This system prevents additional aging of materials, without using a lot of electricity.

Our long-standing experience in this this field has also shown that the cost of our humidity control system is very low, in relation to the savings that can be achieved by preventingcorrosion on sensitive equipment. The yearly power consumption and maintenancecosts do not exceed 5% of the shelter acquisition price. However, use of this system will have a significant positive impact on long term costs:

  • 10% gain in operational availability
  • 30% increase in operational lifespan
  • 50% reduction in maintenance hours
  • 30% savings on spare parts cost
  • Cost effective within 1 year
Galvanized steel

Bachmann RDS’ dual technology, which is produced from galvanized steel and heavy-duty synthetic membrane made from the highest resistance material, ensure durability and protection even in the harshest climate conditions.

High wind and snow load

The protection offered can withstand very high wind speeds. This generation of shelters has been certified and tested for wind speeds of up to 180 km/h and the structure is able to support 90kg/sqm of snow load.

Specifications and options

There are four different standard models available (excluding Electric Opening Apse(s):

Tech specs

P13 model
13m span x 20m length, expendable by 5m increments
P16 model
16m span x 20m length, expendable by 5m increments
P20 model
20m span x 20m length, expendable by 5m increments
P24 model
24m span x 20m length, expendable by 5m increments


Electric Apse End
Self-ballasting beams
Humidity-control System
Overhead Crane
Rigid flooring


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  • Tried & tested, proven quality
  • Instantly deployable
  • Short installation time
  • Optimized based on experience and feedback
  • Further customization possible
  • For temporary AND permanent use

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Paul Machin
Paul Machin

Sales Director