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Our terminals and hangars: airport facilities that are quick to build

Building new, fixed terminals and hangars requires long planning and construction periods, and a big investment. Semi-permanent structures are a fast and cost-efficient way of expanding capacity.

Semi-permanent terminals and hangars

With our temporary and permanent hangars and terminals, we offer solutions for long-term capacity demands, that can be placed in short term. Our modular structures are tailored to meet your requirements and can be installed within weeks after your first consultation. Why waste time, when there’s a perfectly viable alternative for time consuming regular construction available? Thanks to the high quality engineering and the materials we use to construct our buildings, our structures can be used for decades – and with proper maintenance indefinitely.

Scalable, demountable and relocatable

We were the first to introduce metal framed structures with a modular design and our buildings still represent the highest industry standard in modular space solutions. The fact that our structures are modular, means that parts and elements are interchangeable, which makes them easy to assemble and disassemble. Thanks to their modular nature, our terminals and hangars can be scaled up and down quickly. They can also be demounted and relocated, allowing you permanent flexibility. Get future-proof fast, by choosing structures that change along with your changing requirements!

Fully equipped structures with turnkey delivery

In cooperation with our global network of trusted partners, we can provide turnkey delivery of completely furnished hangars and terminals, on budget and in time. This includes facilities such as climate control, heating and ventilation, office units and interior lighting. We are dedicated to delivering a complete solution that meets all your requirements and that is suited to long-term, intensive use.

A sustainable alternative

Our airport facilities are a viable and sustainable option for companies looking to optimize their use of space. After a very short construction period, which requires little heavy machinery, we hand over a building to you that is almost completely re-usable. By choosing a sustainable and recyclable space solution, your new terminal or hangar actually helps you achieve your sustainability goals.

Modular structures that can be built within weeks and can last a lifetime

Our terminals and hangars can be placed on short term, to solve your capacity problems instantly. All our structures are modular by design and of our own creation, which ensures that they:

  • Can be installed within weeks
  • Can be tailor-made at any size
  • Can be relocated
  • Can easily be scaled up and down
  • Offer great flexibility
  • Adhere to the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and sustainability
  • Are a cost-efficient alternative to traditional buildings

When extra capacity is required
Our modular airport structures are the perfect solution for:

Temporary capacity issues - when there is an urgent need for extra passenger capacity, during large-scale sporting events, cultural events and trade shows for instance.

Permanent capacity issues - do you need to expand your airport to permanently receive more visitors, or do you need to expand airport storage? Our structures can be used for decades.

Renovation projects - our structures can help you bridge the gap during renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings or the construction of new facilities.

An increase in cargo traffic - a region’s economic or political situation can influence the amount of cargo traffic an airport receives. When cargo traffic increases, our flexible hangers can offer a quick solution.

Our services

Undivided attention to quality and security

Delivery reliability

Over the last years, 99.2% of all our material deliveries have been on time. The last 0.8%? Working on it! Apart from delivering in time (and on budget), we always make sure that there is a proper on-site inspection and handover. As we design, engineer, produce and build all our structures ourselves, our installation crews are very well familiar with all our buildings.

Excellent project management

Our project managers are highly experienced professionals, that have successfully delivered a large number of complex projects. Most of them have been providing clients with top-of-class space solutions for over a decade. Before the start of the project, you will be given on single point of contact. This person will know the ins and outs of your project and is available 24/7.

The best possible advice…

…for the best possible results. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable team will not shy away from giving you advice, even when you know exactly what you want. Why? Because oftentimes expert advice makes the difference between a good, and the best possible solution. Because that’s what we strive for, together with giving you a great customer experience.

Safety is never an issue

All Losberger De Boer crew members are fully qualified and certified to construct our buildings in a safe and compliant manner. Our structures adhere to the highest safety standards, as they contain only high-quality materials and are engineered, designed, and produced by our own product development specialists.

Some Numbers & Statistics

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Why choose Losberger De Boer

Losberger De Boer is one of the leading global providers of highly integrated temporary and permanent modular space solutions. Our Airport facilities are top class structures, and adhere to the highest industry standards and strictest safety regulations. We operate 8 production facilities globally, employ over 1100 staff worldwide and are VCA**/SCC**, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Our airport facilities can be integrated with existing buildings or stand alone. Because our structures are modular, they can be designed to make optimal use of the space available. They can be several stories high and because we can combine several structures seamlessly, there is no limit to the amount of floor space we can deliver.

"High quality end product"

Amanda Warner Project Manager Development Heathrow Airport

Testimonial | Commercial Space

'Losberger De Boer delivered a quality airport facility'

“Building any facility in a live operational Airfield area has unique complexities beyond usual
construction constraints. Losberger De Boer rose to the challenge and delivered a quality facility.”

‘Smoothly and without incident’
“Every operation was carried out smoothly and without incident. There was a belief that we would conquer the seemingly impossible schedule right from the start.”
On future projects: “With proven planning, delivery and operation of such facilities and not least of all, extensive experience working within one of the busiest operational airports in the world, Losberger De Boer will provide a high quality, professional end product.”

Interested in this Commercial space solution?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information on owning or renting one of our structures.

Paul Machin
Paul Machin

Sales Director