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Recycling company Sortiva

A relocatable waste storage station

Recycling company Sortiva opted for an innovative customized solution for the storage and transhipment of private and PMD (Plastic, Metals and Drinks Cartons) waste in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

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A custom designed and future-ready waste station

Every week, Sortiva stores around 170 tonnes of waste in a Losberger De Boer storage and transfer station. To avoid the risk of fine dust and other particulate matter being blown away and be distributed over the surrounding area, this type of waste cannot be stored in the open.


The design of the hall structure was tailored to Sortiva's site and its future redevelopment plans. For example, the roof is placed on 4-meter high steel retaining walls, which are weighted to serve as anchors. Partly because of this, the roof is easy to move or expand, something that would have been impossible with a regular foundation. In doing so, we offered Sortiva a scalable and relocatable storage solution.


The roofing is made of translucent PVC, so that employees can work in daylight. This PVC also offers additional safety; in case of fire it melts away, allowing smoke to escape and preventing the temperature from rising further.

‘In time, we will relocate this waste station’

This is the second storage and transfer station that we’ve built for Sortiva. Here’s what our client had to say:

"We chose a customised space solution from Losberger De Boer partly because of the possibility to relocate the entire storage and transfer station," says John van der Kolk, project coordinator at Sortiva. "In time, this transhipment location will be given a different place on the site." Because Losberger De Boer's hall structures are modular, they can be customised and are relatively easy to scale up and down and to relocate. “We are happy with the solution Losberger De Boer provided us.”

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Pat Moughan
Pat Moughan

Managing Director