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A well-rounded workhorse

Low-pressure TMM NG Series

Primarily designed for vehicle maintenance operations on the field, our Low-pressure TMM NG Series offers a large-size, extendable version of our smaller TAG NG tents. They are also very well suited for humanitarian crisis relief, and can function as hospitals, dormitories or storage shelters.

Interested in our products?

These products are always available for rapid deployment.

Interested in our products?

These products are always available for rapid deployment.

A well-rounded workhorse

The Low-pressure TMM NG Series is composed of three basic modules and can be extended by inserting additional central modules of 40m². An added benefit of this system is the fact that these tents can be easily transported in separate modules.


The Low-pressure TMM NG Series is supported by a self-erecting pneumatic structure. This product offers a heavy-duty, fully water-tight protective environment for military and civilian usage. Because they are fitted with a 3.10 x 3.10 truck door on one gable, Low-pressure TMM NG tents are extremely suitable for vehicle maintenance and storage.

Infinite possibilities

Fully modular, they can be connected to one another in various configurations, either door-to-door, or through connecting corridors, allowing you to set up a complete camp in an extremely short period. This makes these tents very well suited for humanitarian operations. The possibility to use inner partitioning curtains further adds to the versatile nature of these inflatable tents.

Specifications and options

Below you can find the most frequently requested specs. You can also download the product sheet for all the specifications.

Tech specs

External dimensions

Front module
8.50m x 3.08m x 4.10m | 26.2 m² surface area
Central module
8.50m x 4.92m x 4.10m | 41.8 m² surface area
Rear module
8.50m x 4.67m x 4.10m | 39.7 m² surface area


Insulation liner
Inner partitioning
Rigid flooring
Connection corridors
Entrance Modules
Custom-built container / vehicle interface
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  • Tried & tested, proven quality
  • Instantly deployable
  • Short installation time
  • Optimized based on experience and feedback
  • Further customization possible
  • For temporary AND permanent use

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Pat Moughan
Pat Moughan

Managing Director