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135 pax Mobile Field Camp for DBA

Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons (DBA) is a renowned group of companies in the Middle East, with whom we have been collaborating for years to cater to the needs of local armed forces. For this project, we worked hand in hand with the end user to develop a Rapid Deployment Mobile Field Camp (MFC) for up to 135 soldiers and officers during training and/or external operations.

  • Client

    Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons

A fully integrated camp

Following the successful completion of various trailer-mounted truck maintenance shelters for a key military client in the Middle East, we were approached by DBA to develop a mobile field camp that would provide comfortable living quarters for up to 135 soldiers and VIPs / officers during military exercises and foreign operations.

For one year, we worked hand in hand with the end client to find the most suitable combination of tented accommodation and containerized facilities to meet their daily operational needs in terms of ablution, water treatment, food preparation and distribution, power management, waste disposal, medical care, site security, etc.

The result of this close collaboration is a fully integrated camp that has been fine-tuned for various deployment scenarios and configurations (1 x 135, 2 x 60 or 2 x 72 pax). It was carefully thought-out, to offer an unprecedented level of operability, with powerful air conditioning and optimized thermal insulation.

Turnkey delivery

To the end-client, the possibility to reduce the impact of wear and tear, to ensure operational continuity, was of paramount importance.

To ensure that they reach their goals, we provided them with a dedicated Field Service Representative, based in their facilities, who carries out daily testing and maintenance work to ensure the camp is fully operational at all times. The camp was delivered turnkey, ready to use, and we also provided training on best deployment and packing practices. Logistics were also optimized to enable compact transport and rapid deployment on all terrains, with little or no specific tools.

Let’s get technical

What did we deliver?

The camp combines various TAG and TMM inflatable tents that function as accommodations, sports facilities, prayer room, camp clinic and dining hall. These are supplemented with containers for all core living functions, such as washing and showering, food preparation, waste incineration, surgical intervention, offices, watchtowers, wastewater treatment, food storage (dry, cold, frozen), power generation, maintenance workshop, etc. All hydraulic and electrical network connections were designed and engineered as per camp configurations and optimized for quick installation.

Interested in this Rapid Deployment solution?

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Pat Moughan
Pat Moughan

Managing Director