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Individuall hall planning

3D Hall Configurator

Design your own warehouse

It's that simple

Only a few steps to your customized hall

From here, it is only a small step to your new customized hall. Configure the structure type, dimensions, and add-ons in a blink of an eye. Don't wait to get started!

Step 1: Determine type of structure

How do you want to use your hall? Because that decides your choice of a suitable type of structure. Do you need a simple version with a PVC roof, a cold hall for storage of insensitive goods, or a fully insulated warm hall, which stores heat and allows people to work in a pleasant atmosphere?

Step 2: Set dimensions

You can scale the length, width, and height of your lightweight hall here. Pay attention to the conditions at your location and consider space for people to work and vehicles or machines to operate beforehand.

Step 3: Equipment & Accessories

PVC tarpaulin, trapezoidal sheet, or sandwich: the application determines the equipment. And what about light bands, light domes, roller shutters, doors, and windows? You can coordinate all of this here.

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Pat Moughan
Pat Moughan

Managing Director