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Military Field Camp (MFC)

Field Camp for Middle Eastern Government Organisation

Losberger De Boer’s design teams worked for over a year with specialist suppliers to develop an integrated solution to address all lot of challenges.

  • Client

    Government Organisation

Client goal

To design, develop and deploy fully self-contained military field camp with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week onsite technical support.

Client requirements

The challenges faced by the client was how to rapidly deploy fully self-contained camps with integrated utilities, ablutions and waste disposal in desert and other remote locations. A further challenge was how to deal with technical faults such as utilities and electricity going down during operations. Another common problem was how to relocate and redeploy the entire complex at short notice minimising impact on the environment.

Losberger De Boer’s design teams worked for over a year with specialist suppliers to develop an integrated solution to address all these challenges. The result is its new product known as the Losberger De Boer Military Field Camp (MFC), which differs from standard military camps by integrating all the facilities and utilities that would be expected in an actual military operation, together with onsite technical support to trouble-shoot and resolve issues.

Losberger De Boer is ISO 14001-certified according to the standardised norms for environmental management systems. Providing improved sustainability credentials, waste and garbage can be treated and removed or incinerated onsite with low impact on the local environment and the entire complex can be rapidly dismantled and redeployed in a new location at short notice.

The concept integrates over 70 different products, including inflatable self-erecting tents, metal frame temporary structures, modular half barrel buildings and sun screens. Containerised ablutions and utilities blocks are added together with portable waste disposal facilities.

The entire complex is scalable and can be customised to the unique needs of any defence force. For example, temporary aircraft hangars can be added for air force users and vehicle and weapon storage for ground forces. All buildings can be temperature and/or humidity controlled, including storage areas and plant rooms, which can help extend the life span of the equipment stored and reduce their maintenance cost by up to 30 per cent.

Services and facilities provided

Losberger De Boer coordinated the high-specification interior and exterior fit-out in cooperation with a range of specialist suppliers:

  • Air-conditioning / heating
  • Containerised utility, ablutions, WCs, showers
  • Clinic
  • Kitchen & food storage (dry, cold, frozen)
  • Laundry
  • Power generation & distribution
  • Water Treatment plant
  • Waste disposal & incineration facilities
  • Electricity and lighting
  • Floors, carpeting and lining
  • Turnkey project management
  • On-site preventative maintenance
  • Creative and technical design
  • Decoration, furniture & equipment

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