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Shelters for aircraft and equipment


Do you need to shelter aircraft or sensitive equipment from the weather? Our Sunshades are designed to provide temporary or permanent protection against the elements for aircraft, helicopters, drones and other sensitive equipment.

Interested in our products?

These products are always available for rapid deployment.

Interested in our products?

These products are always available for rapid deployment.

Shelters for aircraft and equipment

Sunshade shelters are fully customizable in terms of size and height, which means that we can create the perfect protection for your aircraft, vehicles and equipment. They can be deployed in a half-barrel of A-frame shape and we can adapt the wind and snowload to your specifications.

A robust shelter solution

A Sunshade aircraft and equipment shelter is easy to install on a concrete platform, and they can be self-ballasted or anchored to the ground. This extremely versatile protective solution is composed of an extruded aluminium or steel frame, and a flame-retardant PVC-coated roof cover. The Sunshade also comes with galvanized steel mounting parts for extra robustness.

An solid investment

Our Sunshades represent a very solid long-term investment, as they can be designed to match your desired specifications, as well as be adapted in size and height after installation. In addition to being scalable, they can also be relocated and will remain 100% corrosion free, offering you a true long-term shelter solution.

Specifications and options

Below you can find the most frequently requested specs. You can also download the product sheet for all the specifications.

Tech specs

Fully customizable
Flame retardant


Side-curtains for lateral protection
Inner roof cover
Lighting & Electric Distribution
Lighting protection


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  • Tried & tested, proven quality
  • Instantly deployable
  • Short installation time
  • Optimized based on experience and feedback
  • Further customization possible
  • For temporary AND permanent use

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