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A high-tech golf hall in the shortest time

Modular industrial halls from Losberger De Boer are ideally suited for a wide range of applications: including use as indoor golf halls.

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    Ingolstadt Sports GmbH & Co. KG

A high-tech golf hall for the highest demands

Does a industrial hall always needs to be grey and cold? Absolutely not.
The modular space solutions of Losberger De Boer are perfectly suitable for a whole variety of different applications: like the usage as high-tech indoor golf hall.


Special Requirements

The customer's demands on the hall were anything but standard: The renowned Ingolstadt Golf Club was looking for a solution for the club's members to still be able to play golf in extreme heat, bad weather or freezing cold - an indoor golf hall was the perfect solution for this.


When choosing the right hall, there were some requirements:


  • A high quality insulation to keep heating and cooling costs low.
  • The possibility to install a photovoltaic system
  • High quality materials 
  • Black facade for a unique appearance
  • Attic for the installation of advertising
  • quick construction and assembly


Golfcenter Ingolstadt-Ingolstadt, Germany-Losberger-De-Boer-35633-small.jpg


The perfect solution

The choice therefore clearly fell on the Induflex modular lightweight hall. Thanks to the modular design of this aluminum hall, all requirements could be implemented without any problems. The 60mm thick sandwich panels in the roof and walls provide optimal insulation and minimize operating costs.

Due to the high load capacity of the Induflex, the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof was quickly done. This reduces the operating costs even further and minimizes the carbon footprint.

In order to allow a constant view into the hall, a glass front was installed to provide a pleasant feeling of space and enough sunlight. As an additional highlight, the entire hall was painted in black and equipped with a branded attica. The hall is thus the perfect advertisement for the club and its sponsors.

Thanks to the modular design of the Induflex lightweight hall, our decades of experience in modular construction and experienced employees, the construction of this hall was finished within only 10 days.

I would do a project with Losberger De Boer again at any time

Georg Behr Partner Ingolstadt Sports GmbH & Co. KG

Let's watch

Watch the video to learn more about why Losberger De Boer is the perfect partner for your new industrial hall.

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