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Cookie, Privacy & Data Protection Statement

Thank you for visiting our website! Please know that we don’t collect personal information and that we handle the data that we do collect with extreme care. Below, we would like to inform you about the personal data which we record and use during your visit.

Data Collection

When you visit our website, the following data is collected:

  • IP address but we anonimize these (so no personal data is processed, besides filled in form details)
  • your internet provider
  • your browser type
  • the website from which you are visiting us
  • the pages which you open with us and
  • the date and length of the visit.

This data is then stored as a default, to the extent permitted by your browser, to offer you an optimal use of our website.

This information is evaluated by us for statistical purposes, in order to adapt our website to our visitors’ requirements. In addition, this data is used to follow up attempts at misuse. Combining this information with other sources of data is only done in case of criminal prosecution.

Recording, processing and use of personal data
We only record, process and use personal data if you state them voluntarily when you visit our website. For example, this can be done via our contact form or by signing up for our newsletter. In this context, personal data means information which can be used in order to find out your identity. This includes information such as your first name and surname, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc. 

The data are only processed and used for processing your inquiry or for the purpose described when you provide them (e.g. newsletter). Processing and use for other purposes only take place if you have approved them in advance or if other statutory directives have been fulfilled. All the employees involved in the recording, processing and use have been obligated to data secrecy by us.

Your personal data are only forwarded to third parties by the Losberger Group if this is necessary in order to fulfil the contract, entitlement pursuant to Art. 28 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for commissioned data processing exists or if you have approved this.

Your personal data is not sold to third parties at any time. Forwarding to state institutions only takes place within the framework of legal directives or court orders, as the case may be.

We use cookies

So yes, just like any other website, ours uses cookies. Alas, not the chocolate chip kind. Website cookies are small text files which your browser stores on your PC and transmits to our server with inquiries. They contain data, and their combined data make it possible for us to establish whether you are visiting our website again or to offer user-specific settings and contents of our web appearance. Why do we do this? To offer you the best possible website experience, of course! If you allow us to use cookies, we can offer you some handy shortcuts in navigating this website and getting the information you seek swiftly and efficiently.


This information is not allocated to any specific person. We also do not assign any information from the cookies to your personal information in the event of inquiries which you make via our internet site. We only use our session cookies to show you the correct content for your country (and in your language).

When you first visit our website, we offer you the possibility of deciding whether you allow the use of third-party-cookies or decline it. Feel free to decline, but please now that as a result, our website performance and appearance might not be optimal. 

You can also deactivate the storage of any third-party-cookies via your browser settings or remove third-party-cookies which have already been set. More details can be seen from the help function in your browser.

So keep calm, and eat cookies.

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