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Note: This product is no longer available, is not on stock anymore and will not be produced anymore. Please contact us should you have any questions.

Watchtower Container

Set up your surveillance posts in a matter of minutes, with our Watchtower Containers. This innovative product is designed to provide a fast and reliable surveillance solution for mobile field camps and command posts.

Interested in our products?

These products are always available for rapid deployment.

Interested in our products?

These products are always available for rapid deployment.

A fast and safe surveillance solution

Our Watchtower Containers are built in a 10ft ISO container. These containers are fitted with an hydraulic platform that can rise up to 2.11 metres, creating an excellent lookout point.

Setup time: 15 mins

Using this system, our Watchtower Containers are ready for use in 15 minutes. They are designed for military expeditions and their 8.5mm thick exterior offer a ballistic resistance of Armstal600 grade (Protection level: Stanag Level II). This product can provide a safe surveillance option in temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees.

Easy transportation

The fact that these watchtowers are fitted inside containers, makes them easy to transport. They are CSC certified for safe maritime transport and stacking. All surfaces are treated in accordance with ISO 9223 standards.

Specifications and options

Below you can find the most frequently requested specs. You can also download the product sheet for all the specifications.

Tech specs

Max. height


Pursuit projector mounted on a U rail around the top of the platform
Armed riffle tripod
Trailer for watchtower (additional height 1,05m)


Please contact our specialist.
  • Tried & tested, proven quality
  • Instantly deployable
  • Short installation time
  • Optimized based on experience and feedback
  • Further customization possible
  • For temporary AND permanent use

Interested in this Rapid Deployment solution?

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