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Two Indoor Padel Courts for Mont-Saint-Aignan

Losberger is proud to present the new sports complex for the town of Mont-Saint-Aignan in France.

Client: Mairie de Mont-Saint-Aignan

A 650m² Ecosport building dedicated to Padel

Committed to enhancing the local sports community, this 650m² structure is dedicated to elevating the athletic experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike on two covered padel courts.

To meet the growing need for padel courts, Losberger De Boer delivered two courts covered by an Ecosport building to the town of Mont-Saint-Aignan in 2023.

This building with its modern curves measures 27 x 24 m and uses a glulam timber frame, a double-curved textile membrane roof, textile facades on the upper section and wooden cladding on the lower section, as well as external joinery.

One of the building's key features is its glulam frame and textile roof, both made in France. Other remarkable qualities include the exceptional light and the fact that the entire building is made from 100% eco-friendly bio-sourced materials.  

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