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Two Indoor Padel Courts for Mont-Saint-Aignan

Losberger is proud to present the new sports complex for the town of Mont-Saint-Aignan in France.

  • Client

    Mairie de Mont-Saint-Aignan

A 650m² Ecosport building dedicated to Padel

The project in Mont-Saint-Aignan by Losberger De Boer is a prime example of integrating modern design with eco-friendly practices in sports facility construction. It involves the creation of two indoor padel courts within a 650m² Ecosport building.

The structure's notable features include a wooden frame made from locally sourced laminated timber, adding a natural aesthetic while ensuring sustainability.

The building's double-curved textile roof is made entirely from biobased materials, contributing to the project's environmental credentials. This design choice not only reduces the ecological footprint but also maximizes natural light, creating an optimal playing environment.

Additionally, the combination of textile facades and wood paneling adds a contemporary touch to the building's exterior, making it a visually appealing sports destination.

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