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Welcome to our career page, were you can find our latest vacancies and learn a bit more on working at Losberger De Boer, or ‘LDB’, as we say. Did you know that we, as Team LDB, regularly work on exiting projects, including the largest events in the world?

HR International

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phone   +49 621 8444-4

HR International

Contact details

phone   +49 621 8444-4

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Discover why working at Losberger De Boer means so much more

Imagine being at the heart of major events you see on tv. Imagine helping to build important facilities like schools, sports halls and shelters. Imagine helping businesses to work better than ever before, thanks to our smart space solutions. If you work at Losberger De Boer, this is your daily reality.

Collectively, from operations to finance and from engineering to project management, we work on building stunning pavilions for world-class sporting events like Wimbledon, and developing functional buildings and facilities for commercial and public use.

Whether you are setting up facilities for the Olympics, designing new parts for our modular structures, or providing sales support, your work makes an impact. We don’t just build structures; we create the building blocks for unforgettable experiences and essential services.

At Losberger De Boer, you’ll find an environment where your creativity and dedication can go hand in hand with the reliability and professionalism of the entire team. "Committed to your success" is more than just a motto—it’s at the core of how we collaborate, innovate, and approach every project.

Join our team and see for yourself why a day at Losberger De Boer is never just another day. It’s an opportunity to be part of large-scale events and projects, develop professionally, and work on inspiring challenges with a team of professionals. Are you ready to give your efforts the appreciation they deserve? Read the stories from our team members below and discover what your future could hold.

'We are playing champions league in temporary construction'

Bart van Asselt Foreman

Let’s hear what our people have to say

'I help ensure that we finish what we are building on time.'

I'm Bart, 43 years old, employed by losberger de boer for more than 23 years. My daily work as a foreman is supervising and controlling the work. Safety is also a very big aspect today.

It starts with a good work atmosphere that there can be laughter. If there is laughter, hard work will follow. If you exude calm, then Everyone stays calm, which means Everyone can do their job better and not feel their own rushed either.

'If you exude calm, then everyone stays calm.'

‘This job will always be special’

Sjon Tent builder

Let’s hear what our people have to say

‘I get to travel all around the world’

I have been at Losberger De Boer since 2013. What I love most? I get to travel all around the world, see the most beautiful places and work on exciting projects. I helped build a pit lane in Baku and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.”

“Another cool thing about my job as an assembly worker is that you spend the day working hard with a great team, and at the end of the day, you always get to see a satisfying result. I love the fact that we get to transform empty pieces of land into huge event sites, or mass storage complexes. To me, seeing this end result, will always be special.”

‘The end result is always satisfying’

‘I love all the little details’

Marlieke Admiraal Senior Project Manager

Let’s hear what our people have to say

‘I love the fact that no two projects are the same’

"I have been infected with the De Boer virus since early 2012. There hasn't been a day yet that I didn't feel like going to work. What I love about my job? The variety! No two projects are the same, so every day brings new challenges."

"It’s my job to always find the right solution for our client."
Each project has different goals and requires a different approach and I love it when projects contain lots of details. For example, a challenging location, where the floor plan must be precisely tailored, or projects in which we have to bring a lot of parties together. It’s a continuous game of theory and practice. Great stuff.”

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Klaartje Berghuis
Klaartje Berghuis

HR International