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Despite many restrictions: LDB develops a clever way to cover the "Mona Mare" leisure pool.

Pool Enclosure, Monheim am Rhein

LDB delivers innovative solution:

Swimming pool remains in use during extensive renovation works

Monheim am Rhein is a German city with 43.000 inhabitants. To ensure that its communal swimming pool could remain in use during comprehensive renovation and expansion works, which will continue until the end of 2024, the city, in collaboration with Losberger De Boer, realized a temporary enclosure for the Mona Mare leisure pool. 

We love a good challenge...

And is this case, the challenge was to create a functional (custom), mobile space solution that could be erected despite the limited amount of available space. Even though the outer edges of the old and new facade of the leisure pool hall were located in direct proximity to the tent exterior wall, our experienced team managed to position the high-quality temporary structure optimally. The complex assembly was carried out using a crane with a lifting capacity of 150 tons and an extension arm that reached over the pool's old slide, capable of lifting the new hall.

Efficient and durable

The mobile space solution by Losberger De Boer was equipped with a double-shell structure. This ensures perfect weather protection, while also significantly reducing heat loss. To recreate the spatial feeling of a real swimming pool as closely as possible, the desire to connect the enclosure to the side-mounted changing room containers was also realized.

A temporary home for school and club swimmers

Over the next two years, the temporary swimming hall will serve as a new home for school and club swimmers in Monheim am Rhein: all schools and swimming clubs in the city will train under this Losberger De Boer roof, any many childred will learn to swim there.

To allow guests to concentrate on sports in a safe environment, Losberger De Boer's project managers opted for a maxiflex tent (20 × 30 m) with spacious 4-meter side height, vertical insulated side wall elements, and insulated roof and gable covers. The heating system was integrated into the existing permanent installation and ensures pleasant temperatures throughout the year through a combined heat and power (CHP)-operated district heating system. In addition, a special fresh air exchange system was installed to dehumidify the air in the pool area.

To satisfy the well-known post-swimming hunger, LDB erected a 5 × 5-meter Cyclone gastro tent right next to the swimming hall, with a direct pass-through to the newly created outdoor gastronomy area, which also caters to visitors of the sauna landscape.

Realizing the client's wishes

The client, the municipal subsidiary "Allwetterbad der Stadt Monheim am Rhein GmbH," invests in forward-looking infrastructure and the well-being of the community. They found a reliable partner in Losberger De Boer, who was able to realize their grand visions. Many satisfied guests who have been enjoying the temporary swimming pool since its opening on 20.03.2023 confirm this.

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