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Aircraft hangars for storage and maintenance

Do you need more storage space for aircraft? Does your commercial fleet need room to grow or be maintained? We designed our industrial aircraft hangars for airports and aviation companies that want to expand operations or increase maintenance operations.

Less civil work for faster installation

Because our aircraft hangars are anchored to the ground via stakes, they require no foundations and can be installed in record time with no prior ground preparation or civil works. Where possible, all structural elements are pre-mounted, and all roof covers are fitted with easy-to-install keder rims, facilitating assembly even further. As a result, our industrial aircraft hangars can be installed in very little time, with less building machinery and fewer people, making them an excellent alternative to traditional buildings. 

Top-notch quality and durability

Constructed using high-grade materials such as anodized aluminum or galvanized steel for frame elements, double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric covers or high-resistance steel cladding, our aircraft hangars are built to stand the test of time and made to last. In fact, they can often be used for up to 30 years in standard climate conditions, and there is the potential to further extend their lifecycles by replacing their covers when needed at a reduced cost.

Fully modular for increased operability

Unlike traditional buildings, our industrial aircraft hangars are fully modular in design, so they can be easily extended or reduced in size or even moved from one location to another. When you want more from your structure, our hangars offer long-term operability by enabling you to adapt the hangar's size or site according to your urgent operational needs.

Customized space solutions to match your requirements

Whatever your space requirements, our industrial aircraft hangars are built to meet your specific needs. They are available in various sizes and shapes, can be fitted with a variety of fit-for-purpose doors and can be constructed to withstand local wind and snow loads. Whether you require temporary or permanent shelters, our hangars can accommodate all types of aircraft, from small helicopters to full-sized passenger planes.

To ensure our structures offer ultimate versatility, they can be built using a range of different materials to meet your specific requirements. Our frames are constructed using aluminum, steel or a combination of both, making our structures strong enough to withstand the most extreme of conditions. Roof covers can be made from a soft, single or double PVC-coated membrane, single sheet steel cladding or sandwich panels. We calculate all structural elements based upon the local wind and weather conditions or required snow loads.

Overcoming aviation-specific challenges with customized designs

With a long history of working within the aviation industry, our experience has led us to implement highly-customized and specific solutions for our customers. For example, we have delivered custom-built nose cone doors to facilitate maintenance, t-shaped empennage doors to optimize internal space usages in hangars and self-ballasted structures on airport platforms where drilling is not permitted. Tell us your challenges, and we will provide innovative solutions to fit and optimize the available space.

Quality solutions to meet your exact requirements
We have a great deal of experience in working within restrictive airport environments, where interrupting everyday flight operations to expand, reduce or build our structures simply isn't an option. We navigate these issues expertly, so you don't have to. In fact, these restrictions and constraints make our work more thrilling, and we enjoy the challenge.

Ultimate flexibility and benefits
When you need flexibility that doesn't sacrifice speed or usability, get in touch with our experts, who will be able to provide you with advice and guidance for your project. Whether for temporary or permanent use, our industrial aircraft hangars can be customized to meet every requirement. With options including bespoke doors, windows, insulation and HVAC systems, our structures can be sized up, down or moved around, all while offering the ultimate in protection against extreme weather conditions through high-resistance and maximum durability.

Our services

Undivided attention to quality and security

Delivery reliability

Over the last years, 99.2% of all our material deliveries have been on time. The last 0.8%? Working on it! Apart from delivering in time (and on budget), we always make sure that there is a proper on-site inspection and handover. As we design, engineer, produce and build all our structures ourselves, our installation crews are very well familiar with all our buildings.

Excellent project management

Our project managers are highly experienced professionals, that have successfully delivered a large number of complex projects. Most of them have been providing clients with top-of-class space solutions for over a decade. Before the start of the project, you will be given on single point of contact. This person will know the ins and outs of your project and is available 24/7.

The best possible advice…

…for the best possible results. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable team will not shy away from giving you advice, even when you know exactly what you want. Why? Because oftentimes expert advice makes the difference between a good, and the best possible solution. Because that’s what we strive for, together with giving you a great customer experience.

Safety is never an issue

All Losberger De Boer crew members are fully qualified and certified to construct our buildings in a safe and compliant manner. Our structures adhere to the highest safety standards, as they contain only high-quality materials and are engineered, designed, and produced by our own product development specialists.

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