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Custom shelters for contaminated soil

Waste disposal specialists Suez utilizes industrial halls by Losberger De Boer to cover environmental remediation sites.

In Luxemburg, an old factory site is being decontaminated to allow it to be used for urban development. In the future, the site will host apartments, shops, gardens and a school. First, the terrain needs to be prepared for construction.

In order to work safely and efficiently, to minimize the disturbance for the surrounding area, and to make sure polluted materials don’t spread further by air or water, Suez asked Losberger De Boer to provide them with a solution that would cover the entire area. Losberger De Boer has aided Suez numerous times with shelters for contaminated soil.

Custom-built shelter with express gates and industrial ventilation

Losberger De Boer customized two Jumbo structures to do so and added lighting as well as industrial ventilation to create a low-pressure zone. Air can only enter the structure through carbon filters. Three express gates were created, so that doors would open and close quickly. When one door opens only for a brief period of time, the other doors will automatically remain closed.

Scaling the hall down after phase 1

The entire soil remediation process will take up to six months. After completing the first phase, Losberger De Boer will scale down the hall to half its original size to reduce the disturbance to the surrounding area, and to make the cleaned area available for construction preparations.