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Awarded EcoVadis Gold Medal: A Milestone in Our Sustainability Journey

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Sustainability and responsible business practices play a key role in guiding our work at Losberger De Boer. It is with a sense of pride and a commitment to continuous improvement that we share a significant milestone in our sustainability journey: Losberger De Boer has been awarded the EcoVadis Gold Medal.

This recognition is a testament to the collective effort of our team across the globe, who have dedicated time and resources to enhance our environmental policies, labour practices, ethical conduct, and sustainable procurement. Achieving a score of 77 out of 100, this award places us among the very best performers in our industry, as evaluated by EcoVadis, a global auditor for corporate sustainability.


A Recognition of Effort and a Call for Continuous Improvement

Receiving the EcoVadis Gold Medal is not just a moment of celebration for us; it's an opportunity to reflect on our practices and identify areas for further growth. Particularly, it highlights the importance of aligning our sustainability action plans with measurable outcomes, ensuring that our efforts lead to tangible improvements in our operations and impact.


Looking Ahead: Preparing for the Future

The journey towards sustainability is ongoing, and with the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by the EU, the landscape is evolving. This directive will require us and all other large European companies to provide even greater transparency in how we manage our environmental and social responsibilities. As standards rise and expectations grow, retaining our Gold status and competitive edge means intensifying our sustainability initiatives. That’s why we consider our gold medal a milestone – it is a fair representation of where we are, but we are aware of how much work still needs to be done.


Committed to Making a Positive Impact

Sustainability is a shared responsibility, and this recognition reinforces our commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and society. It serves as a reminder that every action counts and that together, we can achieve remarkable progress.


We thank all our employees for their hard work and dedication to making Losberger De Boer a leader in sustainability. As we continue on this path, we are motivated not just to meet the gold standard but to redefine it, setting new benchmarks for our industry and beyond.