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Chelsea Flower Show

The show is the absolute pinnacle of garden design, drawing in a global crowd of over 168,000 visitors every year.

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Losberger De Boer

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    Royal Horicultural Society

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Losberger De Boer

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The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a world-renowned event that has been held on the grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital for over 100 years. The show is the absolute pinnacle of garden design, drawing in a global crowd of over 168,000 visitors every year.


Some fun facts about the Chelsea Flower Show:


  • The Queen visited the show over 50 times during her 70 year reign as Queen.
  • Before we started building The Great Pavilion in 1996, the RHS used one giant marquee which spent years as the world's largest tent in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • The show hosts over 500 exhibitors from all around the world.

We build 2 venues for the event including the iconic Great Pavilion and the Ranelagh Restaurant. Combined this creates over 14,000m2 of exhibition and premium hospitality space which only takes 1 week to build! The event goes on for 6 days and then we take the structures down just as quickly as they went up.


The Great Pavilion is the largest stand-alone structure we build on an annual basis, combining 3 structures to create over 12,570m2 of exhibition space.

David Edwards, the Head of Operations at RHS said “Losberger De Boer provide us with the Great Pavilion which is an amazing structure and the centrepiece of the show. The horticultural growers find it an amazing environment to keep their plants going for the week with suitable light levels, suitable airiness and ventilation”

This structure has developed a lot over the years, starting out as 2 separate structures which is now one complete structure connected to cover the iconic monument which stands at around 13m high.


Mical De Boer, the Managing Director at Losberger De Boer UK said “For us from an engineering perspective, we were looking at how we could improve the Great Pavilion, which was originally in 2 parts. The client had come to us and asked if it was possible if we could cover the monument as well and of course we said yes. How? We didn’t know but we did it thanks to our great engineering team who came up with a solution”.


The second venue we provide is The Ranelagh Restaurant. Located in the Ranelagh Gardens, our double-decker structure hosts 3 different hospitality experiences, including The Dorchester who have a reputation for serving one of the finest afternoon tea experiences in the world!


The restaurant is created using a combination of our Premier and Anova structures to create 1400m2 of premium hospitality space, including a champagne roof terrace.

David Edwards, Head of Operations at RHS said:

“Losberger De Boer supply us with a double-decker restaurant, the finish of which is amazing, providing a great environment for our premium dining services”

CFS Ranelagh 2023 10.jpg

The scale of this show is absolutely immense, requiring months of planning and preparation from all parties involved. Our partnership with The Royal Horticultural Society is one which we are immensely proud of and we feel honoured to have grown with the show for the past 26 years.

Check out the series from BBC to see everything that went on at the show:



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Mical de Boer
Mical de Boer

Managing Director