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Quick-to-build, long-lasting hall


The Induro is a durable, semipermanent structure that can be built in less than a week and can be used for decades. Constructed with solid steel and aluminium, the Induro holds up to the elements well.

Interested in our products?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information on owning or renting one of our products.

Interested in our products?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information on owning or renting one of our products.


  • Extremely short construction time
  • Large, clearspan hall
  • Perfect for warehousing, office space and storage

Your new temporary home
Open and flexible, our Induro is perfect for temporary or semi-permanent use as office space, warehouse, or storage hall. You can use Induro as a temporary home for your business while you renovate your permanent building, or as a flexible way to grow without committing to a permanent structure.

Use every inch of space as you please

The Induro is a clearspan structure, which means it has no internal supports. This allows you to customise the entire space exactly as you choose. Moreover, we can even add more space as your business grows.

The Induro is suitable for a wide range of business applications. Do you need it for warehousing or storage? We can equip it with overhead door for forklifts. Do you need a stable temperature for the right storage or working conditions? We can install insulated walls and roof panels, as well as implement a double-skin thermo roof.

I am looking for a space solution for my company. Why should I choose the Induro?
  • Because it’s built to last. It’s weatherproof and sturdy, and it feels just like a permanent building. It’ll even stand up to thick snow (up to 100 kg per m2).

  • Because it can be built fast. A complete building, built to your exact specs, ready to use within a week after construction starts. Now that’s fast.

  • Because it’s adaptable, meaning it offers you maximum flexibility. The inside is open, with several sizes to choose from. You also have the option to add extra space as you need it. The Induro is able to grow along with your business.

Specifications and options

Create the space you need. The Induro is a semi-permanent structure that can be built in 1 week and can last for up to 5 years.

Tech specs

10-30m (5-meter-bay-distance)
Side Height
4.2m, 6.2m
Wind load
0,50 kN/m²
Snow load
100 kg/m²
Please note
That there may be small differences in dimensions or options when you buy a tent system as opposed to renting a space solution. If you are interested in buying a tent system, our product specialists will lay out all possible dimensions, options and configurations for you.


Roof covers (translucent and opaque)
Cassette floor
Non-anchoring floor/plate floor
Various door types and roller shutter
Steel side panels
Sandwich side panels


Fire-resistant materials
Anchoring and construction are secure.
NEN-EN 13782
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
  • Proven quality
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Highly customizable
  • Short delivery time
  • Short installation time
  • For temporary AND permanent use

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Mical de Boer
Mical de Boer

Managing Director