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A Pilot at Schagen On Ice

Integrating Renewable Energy into Event Infrastructure

During the winter event of 2023-2024, Schagen On Ice, a beloved local ice-skating tradition, embarked on a pioneering venture. Losberger De Boer (LDB), in collaboration with the Schagen On Ice Foundation, initiated a pilot to explore the integration of renewable energy solutions into event infrastructure by incorporating rentable solar panels onto the event's structural design.

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  • Client

    Schagen On Ice Foundation

Solar4Rental pilot for rentable solar panel for events

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The Objective

The primary goal of this initiative was to assess the practicalities of installing lightweight, flexible solar panels on an Anova structure, a high-end event building with a curved roof shape, which deviates from the traditional aluminum halls used in previous years. The initiative aimed to evaluate the installation process, the feasibility of electrical integration, and the potential for offering this as a rental solution on a larger scale.


Implementation and Challenges

The introduction of 24 solar panels, supplied by Sol Industry, required the development of specialized brackets to securely attach the panels to the structure. Key challenges focused on minimizing installation time, ensuring reliable electrical connectivity, and establishing a scalable rental model for future applications. The project also aimed to enhance the environmental aspect of the event without claiming to fully offset the energy consumption associated with such an event.


Outcome and Analysis of the Solar Panel Pilot

The initiative represented a significant learning opportunity, offering insights into the logistical and technical aspects of integrating solar panels into event structures. It was an exploratory step towards reducing the environmental impact of event infrastructure and served as a testament to LDB's commitment to sustainability and innovation. The collaboration with Schagen On Ice Foundation and Sol Industry facilitated a successful test case, laying the groundwork for future developments in sustainable event solutions.


Future Prospects

The Schagen On Ice pilot has opened avenues for LDB to refine and expand its Solar for Rental concept. While acknowledging the limitations in terms of energy output, the pilot stands as an important step towards more environmentally conscious event management. It signals a move towards incorporating sustainable practices into event planning and execution, underscoring LDB's dedication to exploring and implementing renewable energy solutions.


Reflecting on the Initiative

"This successful pilot has been instrumental in guiding our approach to sustainable event solutions," says Barbara Hendrikx-Kalksma, project lead at LDB. "It marks the beginning of a journey to integrate renewable energy into our event structures where feasible, with the aim of contributing, even if modestly, to the broader goal of reducing the environmental footprint of our projects. We look forward to furthering our commitment to sustainability, through innovation and thoughtful implementation.”

Interested to see what it looked like? Please check out this video.

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Mical de Boer
Mical de Boer

Managing Director