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Warehouse & Storage Solutions

Increase your storage with a scalable, relocatable, low cost warehouse building with significantly faster planning and build time than traditional storage options.

Flexible, fast & cost-efficient

Our warehouse storage solutions can be designed, built and delivered turnkey within a matter of weeks. You can keep it up for as long as you require or indefinitely with our rent or purchase options. As well as this, our structures modular design offer you maximum flexibility when designing, scaling up or down and relocating if you need to.

The high quality of the materials we use means our structures can be used for decades – and with proper maintenance indefinitely.

Benefits of our warehouse solutions

  • Can be tailor-made to meet all your space requirements
  • Can be relocated
  • Can easily be scaled up and down
  • Offer great flexibility
  • Adhere to the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and sustainability
  • Are a cost-efficient alternative to traditional buildings
  • Can be delivered turnkey within weeks
  • Can be used for decades

Case study: Extra warehouse space delivered in 8 weeks

This client needed to expand their production site due to increasing demand for their products. We designed, built and delivered one of our Induflex structures to create an additional  240 m² of storage and goods handling space.

The structure was designed to fit in seamlessly with their site – even matching brand colours. We included light panels, steel sheets with anti-condensation coating and an aluminium framework for fast construction and delivery time. This project was delivered, turnkey in just 8 weeks.

Innovative by design

Snow load: The standard version of our Induflex hall carries a snow load of up to 105 kg/m2 on the roof. On request, the hall can be customized and reinforced further to bear a snow load of up to 350 kg per m2.

Wind resistance: Our standard warehouse solution has excellent wind resistance and can handle wind speeds of 25m per second. With additional customization, the structure can be strengthened further to withstand wind speeds of 30 meters per second and above.

Height leveling function: An exclusive feature of Losberger De Boer structures. Height differences of up to 30cm can be compensated, which saves time and money when it comes to groundworks.

Case Study: A lightweight storage hall

For this project, a 20m x 32m structure was fixed with ground anchors on the uneven ground of the car dealership. The height levelling function was essential here to compensate for the ground conditions.

“We urgently needed another storage hall to meet the increased demand. Losberger De Boer’s solution convinced us directly, as the industrial hall not only ensures flexibility but also rapid assembly. First-class consultancy and realization.”

Managing Director Ulrich Karsch

Our USPs

Partner with Losberger De Boer

With over 100+ years of experience, >500,000m2 of material available and the help of our dedicated team, we are truly committed to your success. Our structures and services are special for a variety of reasons including; 


We can create a bespoke design, combining multiple Losberger De Boer structures or seamlessly adding to an existing building, putting you in complete control.

Thermal Acoustic System

A one-of-a-kind system, exclusive only to Losberger De Boer structures. Achieve sound reduction of up to 50dB and a U-value of >0.4 (Standard U-value rating is 5 in traditional buildings).

Turnkey Delivery

From design to delivery, the whole process can be completed in a matter of weeks, including interior fit-out.

Highest Standards

Losberger De Boer structures reach the highest standards of temporary/semi-permanent structures with ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001.

"Losberger De Boer rose to the challenge and delivered a quality facility"

Client Testimonial

London Heathrow, Terminal 3

“Building any facility in a live operational Airfield area has unique complexities beyond usual construction constraints. Losberger De Boer rose to the challenge and delivered a quality facility that has been used a number of times, not only during periods of disruption, but for other activities where a large covered space, or a non-intrusive baggage training facility, is required.”


Amanda Warner, Heathrow Airport

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Mical de Boer
Mical de Boer

Managing Director