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Need extra storage capacity?

Increase your warehouse and storage space with our top-of-class, scalable buildings, at lower costs than buying or renting a permanent warehouse, and with a significantly shorter planning and build time.

Flexible, fast & cost-efficient

Building a new warehouse or storage facility requires a long planning and construction period, and a massive investment. The latter also applies to buying or renting property. This option also means you’re dependent on the local property market; is there a suitable facility available in the desired region and at the right price?

This is why our tailor-made, semi-permanent buildings are on the rise as a fast and cost-efficient way of expanding capacity.

A quick-to-build long term solution

With our warehouses and logistics facilities, we offer solutions for long-term capacity demands, that can be placed on short term. Our structures are custom-made to meet your requirements and can be installed within weeks after your first consultation. Why waste time, when there’s a perfectly viable alternative to regular construction available?

Thanks to the quality of the materials we use to construct our buildings, our structures can be used for decades – and with proper maintenance indefinitely.

Scalable and relocatable

We were the first to introduce structures with a modular design and our buildings still represent the highest industry standard in modular space solutions. The fact that our structures are modular, means that parts and elements are interchangeable, which makes them easy to assemble and disassemble. Thanks to their modular nature, our structures can be scaled up and down quickly. They can also be demounted and relocated, allowing you permanent flexibility. Get future-proof fast, by choosing structures that change along with your changing requirements!

A sustainable alternative

Our warehouses and industrial facilities are a viable and sustainable option for companies looking to optimize their use of space. After a very short construction period, which requires little heavy machinery, we hand over a building to you that is 99% re-usable. By choosing a sustainable and recyclable space solution, your warehousing or storage facility actively helps you achieve your sustainability goals.

Why choose one of our warehouse or storage solutions?

We can help you increase your warehouse or storage space with our temporary and permanent warehouses and logistics facilities, that can be placed on short term. Losberger De Boer offers a wide array of modular structures, that can be built within weeks of your first inquiry. All our structures are modular and of our own design, which ensure that they:

Need extra storage capacity immediately?

  • Can be tailor-made to meet all your space requirements;
  • Can be relocated;
  • Can easily be scaled up and down;
  • Offer great flexibility;
  • Adhere to the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and sustainability;
  • Are a cost-efficient alternative to traditional buildings;
  • Can be delivered turnkey within weeks;
  • Can be used for decades.

"High quality end product"

Amanda Warner Project Manager

Testimonial | Commercial Space

'Losberger De Boer delivered a quality supermarket space'

"The quick reaction of Losberger De Boer in case of unexpected problems as well as their accommodating attitude convinced us very much.”

‘Smoothly and without incident’
“The assembly of the supermarket hall was well structured and agreements were strictly adhered to. I have been tremendously impressed by Losberger De Boer. Not only by the quality of their systems, but also by how quickly they understood our project, both from a technical and commercial l prospective. The way in which their creative and technical people have applied themselves to deliver such a swift response was equally impressive.”

Peter AltFeneberg Food Market

Interested in this Commercial space solution?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information on owning or renting one of our structures.

Mical de Boer
Mical de Boer

Managing Director